visualize your property development in context: a photo-montage of a senior retirement condo complex

New South Wales, Australia, 2010

The developer of this existing resort-style retirement village along the port in Wangi Wangi sought to expand into the second phase of building. In order to proceed with this expansion, the developer required approval from the local council.

Using professional photographs of the as-built community and the architectural plans, our team was able to accurately illustrate the future scale of the condominiums and its impact on the Wangi Wangi shoreline. This involved compositing two images, a 3D rendering created by our team and the existing image from the photographer. Sometimes this is called a photo-montage or photo-comp.

This image was a key visual aid in the council presentation and the construction plans were approved by the council. Additionally, this 3D photo-comp became part of the marketing package used by the sales team to showcase the future properties until the final build was complete and ready to be photographed once again. Below is a later photo of this premier water-front retirement community after project completion.